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Managing and overcoming stress caused by work issues or by very difficult life events is my area of expertise.

I am a BACP Accredited counsellor in Frome, Somerset, and have worked for many years supporting people with their emotional and mental health. Some clients want to dive straight into my coaching programme, while others don’t feel ready and want more talking therapy to explore life events and the cause of their mood problems. Quite often they go onto the Mood Programme – but this is not a requirement.

Managing and overcoming stress caused by work issues or by very difficult life events, is my area of expertise. People sometimes arrive feeling sceptical and slightly ashamed that they have got to the point where they need to ask for counselling support. There is still a certain stigma about seeking talking therapy for problems of the mind and spirit and yet we are complex individuals with complex mind, body, spirit interconnections. Many leave wishing they had come sooner and telling their friends and colleagues they should come too!

Counselling offers a space for you to explore what you are feeling and thinking and what led to the distress you find yourself in now. Being listened to with no judgement, no agenda, by an objective supporter who holds your best interests at heart can be a rare experience. Even well-intentioned friends and family have their opinions or may be too close to the situation – and you don’t want to add to their distress. One of the amazing things about ‘talking therapy’ is that it gives you a chance to listen to yourself on a deeper level – and through that process learn new insights about yourself. This can bring about changes in itself, but it also frees you to make new choices and take control.

Covid19 - during this challenging time I am offering a sliding scale fee structure. My normal fee is £45 but for those experiencing financial difficulty and needing emotional support my fees are between £35 and £45. Please contact me.


The difference between counselling and coaching with me, is that counselling is very much about exploring where you are now and how you got here – it’s a personal exploration, with support from me to understand and lessen your distress. While I may well make recommendations about practical steps you can take to improve your wellbeing, the coaching programme offers more input, knowledge, and resources – it is designed to help you make choices that will create long term behaviour change and get you to where you want to be.  It involves taking action, with ‘homework’ between sessions and reviewing the success of those actions and building on them. If you are feeling overwhelmed and distressed, you may not have the mental focus to work through a plan and make immediate changes. You may need more intensive short-term support. Counselling sessions are usually weekly whereas the coaching programme sessions are every two weeks with a check-in between. If you are not sure which is right, we can discuss this at an initial Exploration Session. This is a requirement of both the Mood Programme and to start a round of counselling.

The coaching programme is designed to help you make choices that will create long term behaviour change and get you where you want to be.

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Mood Coaching for mental wellness | with Hilary Martin