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What my clients say about our work . . .




I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression most of my adult life and had different coaches and therapists in the past. I hit a really difficult time due to the stress of the Covid lockdown and wanted something different to therapy. I found Hilary through a coaching directory and I have been particularly impressed by her. She takes a very practical approach, allowing me to see the positive impact of our work together after each session. Challenges often come from different sources. Hilary's holistic approach takes this into account. She taps into her coaching, counselling and nutritionist wealth of knowledge and experience to help to unlock and enrich one's life.  She is kind, compassionate, down to earth, and cheerful, it is a pleasure to work with her!

'I now feel I am on a path to of continual discovery. I am happier with who I am and look forward to the future'


'I contacted Hilary because I was suffering with panic attacks on a weekly basis, my diet was poor and I was extremely negative about my future. I am in my twenties and had been suffering for just over five years when Hilary’s service was recommended to me.

Through Hilary’s coaching, we quickly discovered the main underlying cause of my anxiety and panic attacks. I began to learn what my triggers were and how to avoid panic attacks in the future. She also coached me through how to manage the stress of losing my job due to the pandemic, and starting a new temporary one, using meditative breathing techniques and daily yoga exercises. 

Since my coaching with Hilary, my priorities in life have changed. I used to see my career as everything and if that wasn’t going well then my whole life was ‘over’ - this is no longer the case. Family and friends, life experience and memories mean more to me now than my career does. 

Overall, since making all these small changes with Hilary’s coaching, my mood has improved, my skin has improved, I haven’t had a panic attack in months & I am excited for my future. I now focus my energy on the things that are important to me. With everything I have learned I definitely will not be returning to old bad habits. 

Thank you Hilary for everything you have taught & shown me & I wish you & your business all the best luck in the future.'

'… her belief in me was extremely nourishing and inspired me to keep motivated to make changes'


'I contacted Hilary because I get depressed in the winter,  and wanted to lose some weight and increase my overall health and energy. I am in my 60s and was feeling a bit lost, wondering what the next phase of my life was all about.  I was drawn to Hilary’s combined skills of counselling and  nutrition / health coaching. I did not feel ready initially to embark on the coaching – I wanted to address some other life issues first, so I had some counselling and then signed up for Hilary’s three month coaching programme. Doing both worked really well for me.

I was worried I would have to make dramatic dietary changes and become fixated on food and how that might impact my social life. I needn’t have worried – Hilary’s approach was tailored to my needs and what worked for my life. I have lost weight, am eating healthier food and discovering new recipes and ways of eating that are enjoyable and not a deprivation. Plus I am enjoying sharing these with my friends. I have not had any depressive symptoms over the winter, have developed exercise that works for me, and am getting on top of my sleep cycle.

The essence of the change has been in the way I think about myself and my health – it has become a priority and now a way of life – I am observing my choices and behaviours, and not just around food, but what I spend time doing, what matters to me, and what gives me joy. I have realised how connected it all is – focussing on my health has made me feel better and now I am doing more things that I wanted to do such as my artwork.  I feel I have become a lifelong learner about myself and health – Hilary gave me so much useful information as well as recipes and delicious samples of food – I now feel I am on a path of continual discovery. I am happier with who I am and look forward to the future.'


‘I am a company director, I was feeling overwhelmed by the volume of work, feeling depressed and unmotivated – and was attempting to maintain the facade that everything was fine. I was amazed at how quickly Hilary honed in on the underlying causes of my problem. Her perceptive questioning and determination to get at the truth enabled me to identify the self-destructive beliefs that drove me to take on more and more and create constant pressure in my life. It was incredibly freeing and has changed the way I operate in my life.

Hilary helped me look at the practical management of my work, how to prioritise, what mattered most, and how to balance my time between work. home and self-care. I think Hilary has incredible skill in really listening and facilitating deep understanding. I always felt she was on my side 100% - her belief in me was extremely nourishing and inspired me to keep motivated to make changes.’

'The quality of my life has improved dramatically'


‘After my father’s death and a lot of stress I developed a mysterious undiagnosed health condition. I was also struggling with low mood and energy. Through Hilary’s coaching I tracked my symptoms, daily activities and food. We discovered what made me worse and what helped. I discovered how important taking care of me was and how low a priority it had been. I started to nourish myself with organic, healthy food, cooking from scratch. I explored food intolerances and noticed what exacerbated my symptoms. I brought daily walking into my day and limited computer time. I figured out how to communicate more openly with my partner, and also processed some issues regarding my parents. I brought more fun into my life – in particular returning to creativity which I had stopped doing. I also lost a stone in weight which was a great bonus. The quality of my life has improved dramatically and I now have the self-knowledge and skills to keep my life in balance all thanks to Hilary.’

'With everything I have learned I cannot see myself returning to old bad habits – it all feels sustainable long-term'


‘I was about to turn 70 and fearful about ageing and deteriorating health. I wanted more energy, wanted to lose weight, feel less down and improve my digestion (I was using laxatives regularly). Hilary’s programme was brilliant and I made so many positive changes. I am off the laxatives and have learned how to improve my digestion by cutting down on processed food, eating fermented foods, more whole foods and dramatically cutting down on sugar. I really enjoyed trying new recipes, especially sweet ones and finding that I don’t have to give up treats, it’s a case of making really healthy ones.

We also looked at how I was spending my time and the choices I was making – I learned to  say no to people, and focus my energy more on what I want and activities that uplift me. At the end of the work with Hilary I felt lighter in my body and spirit, and I achieved one of my goals of getting back into my skinny jeans. With everything I learned I cannot see myself returning to old bad habits – it all feels sustainable long-term.


‘Hilary’s support, wisdom and compassion were like a steel cord pulling me back to a better place. I can only hope life brings Hilary nothing but joy, to balance all the peace she brings to others!’


'Hilary a BIG thank you for your guidance and for showing me the way to the end of my ‘Rainbow’.


‘I am so grateful to the help from Hilary. I could not have got to where I am without her compassion and understanding. I will miss our sessions.’


‘I have seen several counsellors before and I can honestly say Hilary has been the best.’

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