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A one to one coaching programme over 3 months



A one to one coaching programme over 3 months designed to enable a fundamental shift in orientation towards your mental and physical wellbeing. We will pick apart everything that influences mood and rebuild a strong foundation for sustaining  balance. You will transform your choices and behaviours along the way, developing new habits that keep you in the good mood zone.

The Good Mood Circle forms the basic structure to the programme but is adapted to your individual needs. Each section of the circle refers to one of nine life areas (click on 'SEE DETAILS' under circle). I have identified these as areas I believe create good mood health, and are detrimental when not functioning well. Scoring your satisfaction level in each area helps identify your personal goals which form the foundation for our work. 

We all have our own bio-individuality so one size does not fit all. Together we figure out what works for you in your life, with your unique circumstances and preferences. Having said that, you are encouraged to try new things, take risks, and possibly move out of your comfort zone, all on behalf of what you want to achieve. But I will be there, cheering you on and holding your best interests at heart.

This may seem obvious – but in order to make change, you have to do things differently. Coaching applies skills and techniques to facilitate behavioural change. It is a motivational and practical approach, focussed on the 'what' and 'how' – 'what' works and 'how' to implement. Therefore it involves both learning and putting that learning into practice. You will receive a selection of resources to reinforce your learning and to refer back to in the future.

"I will be there, cheering you on and holding your best interests at heart…"

Is this programme right for me?

Suffering with mild/moderate depression
Regular bouts of low mood
Lack of motivation and low energy
Feeling overwhelmed
Diagnosed with anxiety

Constantly worried and on the go
Feeling stressed and 'on the edge'
Mood impacting on relationships
Work-related stress
Stress-related weight gain

If you're not surecontact me, book in for an initial exploration session.

So what's involved?

Completion of 'Tell Me More' questionnaire
Initial Exploration Session
Decision to join the Mood Coaching Programme
6 sessions fortnightly of 60 minutes. Video call is an option
Email or phone check-in, between sessions
Handouts and digital resources
Recommended nutritional supplements (if necessary – they usually are!)
Giveaways and samples

" It involves both learning and putting that learning into practice."


Initial Exploration Session: £45
The Mood Coaching Programme: £380
Plus any recommended nutritional supplements

Contact me for more information

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