Join with others to learn, connect and have fun


"…a coming together of people with the common desire to improve their emotional experience of life "




Run from my kitchen in Frome, this club provides support and input on how to improve mood.  It is designed to be social, connecting and uplifting. Touching on some segments of the Good Mood Circle, each meeting includes some input from me, an activity e.g smoothie making, breathing techniques, moving the body, and a chance to chat, explore topics and build a small community.


It is a 'club' rather than a 'class' – a coming together of people who have the common desire to improve their emotional experience of life. While I share some of my knowledge, it is also about learning from each other, sharing experience, and giving each other a boost.

My goal with this club is that it goes some way to fulfilling two of the segments of The Good Mood Circle – 'connection', and 'self-care'. I have deliberately kept the cost low so those who can't afford either the money or the time for the Mood Programme, can start taking action immediately to improve emotional wellbeing.

The following is a flavour of possible topics / activities – but these vary depending on who is in the group and what's needed – there is no set 'curriculum':


Experimenting with smoothies
Relaxation techniques
The sugar quiz
Moving for fun
Rainbow eating
Delicious without sugar
Fermented drinks
Using the breath




The club meets every two weeks on Saturdays from 2pm - 4pm, for a term of 6 meetings. Club membership is per term and costs £60 payable in advance. If you are interested in joining, sign up for my newsletter and you will be informed of term dates.

Contact me for more information