Start on an upward spiral for a boost in mood


"…a one-off consultation to discuss your mood and wellness difficulties and identify some key changes you can start making…"




A one-off consultation to discuss your mood and wellness difficulties, and identify some key changes you can start making immediately.
Using the The Good Mood Circle we identify one or two areas that you can improve, to start you on an upward spiral with mood improvement. These will be relevant and  personal to your life circumstances, and the symptoms your are experiencing.

Rather than a coaching session this is more of an advice / recommendation session – a chance for you to pick my brain and benefit from my knowledge – primarily focussed on the 'what' – what will help, what could improve things, what changes can you make now.

This session is best suited for those who like taking information and running with it - perhaps doing more research, and learning – creating your own path of change using your own motivation and the recommendations gained. If you are exhausted from stress, overwhelmed with anxiety or depression, you may not have the cognitive ability to take in information and put it into practice without ongoing support.



Completion of 'Tell Me More' questionnaire in advance
Session of 90 minutes either in person or video call
Follow up notes of recommendations and resources via email.

Cost: £75

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Mood Coaching for mental wellness | with Hilary Martin