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The Vitamin C Protocol

Updated: May 3, 2020

I have continued to find out more about Vitamin C during the Covid19 lockdown and I still think it is the best self help protocol if you start to develop symptoms. This is going to become more important as the lockdown eases and we are more exposed to the virus. Apart from keeping ourselves healthy with a good diet full of fruit, veg, wholefoods and good protein, exercise and stress management, (they are all essential for a good immune system) - Vitamin C offers additional help. Most animals produce their own Vitamin C - we don't, so we have to get it from food and it doesn't stay in the body very long. The body uses it for many functions and one of those is fighting infection. In my previous post I mentioned trials that are going on currently in fighting Covid19. I have been listening to Patrick Holford's weekly podcasts - interviews with clinicians and scientists using and researching C - they are fascinating.

I have studied the recommended protocols - how to use Vitamin C once symptoms start to appear and the following seems to be what is recommended. Firstly load up on 3 grams, then take 1 gram (1,000mg) every hour for the first day - ideally wake yourself up throughout the first night every two hours and take a gram, then continue at 1 gram every two hours on the second day, continue to take 8-10 grams throughout the day for a week. Don't stop if symptoms improve, keep taking. Continue but lowering amount in second week. If you reach what is called 'bowel tolerance' - you start to get some diarrhoea - cut down the amount. From what I can gather, when the body has enough to be using, then it eliminates via the bowel causing some diarrhoea, so you can use bowel tolerance to monitor how much to take. I have estimated to do the above protocol you need 80-100 grams in stock. If you have any digestive disorders such as ulcers or acid reflux the protocol is not recommended. The good thing about Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid is that it is inexpensive. I take Patrick Holford's Immune C daily anyway - it is more expensive but has other nutrients in it so is more of an immune system formulation. I have stocked up on enough ascorbic acid in case needed.

Here are links to what I have bought:

Here is Patrick Holford's page with links to his podcast and all things Covid19 and Vtamin C including a campaign to get intravenous Vitamin C used in hospitals (please sign) and Patrick's new book FluFighters.

Here is an old video by Andrew Saul giving an overview of the research into Vitamin C. His recent videos giving advice about using Vitamin C in our current situation keep getting taken down by social media, but there is a lot of information on his website.

Wishing you stay well at this time. Hilary.

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